Fall League Home
Fall League play begin September 9. Have you updated your RM Pass?

The league is administered by the Broome County Soccer Association Board of Directors in the same manner that the BCSA Spring League is managed. The Spring League Policies and Procedures are in effect except:

  1. Player passes are NOT required. Only a club roster for all teams. All roster numbers are unlimited.
  2. Check in rules are still in effect (10 for Under 10 and 12 for Under 13)
  3. Under 13 teams will play using the Spring League Under 12 Rules and Referee Fees. (8v8)
  4. Under 10's still play 6v6 no offside.
  5. Coaches pases are STILL required.
  6. The send off fine for a player is $50 for the first send off. After the first send off by a player during a fall season the fine is the same as in the Spring League.
  7. Referee fees are the same as in the immediately previous Spring League season.
Last Date To Withdraw Without Penalty 8/1/2017
Two week free change period begins 8/12/2017
Two week free change period ends 8/25/2017
First date of Play 9/9/2017
All games must be complete by 11/1/2017